Konferencja jeździecka – Uczestnik Konferencji z Chrisem Pearce’em
5 maja 2019
Biomechanika i trening konia
9 sierpnia 2019

Ticket: Neck and back examination in horses – the essentials


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  • workshop ONLY IN ENGLISH
  • workshop notes will be provided
  • tea and coffee breaks available throughout the day
  • lunch

This workshop is designed to benefit from world-renowed dr Philippe Benoit’s expertise and experience.
Philippe will show you how to approach the horse’s neck and back examination and will discuss common
conditions in these areas. After this course you will improve your decision making skills and feel more
confident in looking at the horses overall performance. Katarzyna Żukiewicz-Benoit will share her vast
knowledge of manipulation techniques, which are the essential tools in successful horse rehabilitation.
The vet is the leader of the team, which is taking care of the horse and as vets, it’s very useful to know the
treatments you can use with a physiotherapists to enhance the healing of the horse and help him return to top performance.

Afternoon practical sessions will be devided into 2 groups between Philippe and Kasia. After a completed module, groups will switch.

Required skills:

  • knock down our experts with questions!

The workshop will be interactive and discussions are most welcome.

Administratorem Twoich danych będzie Sassebi Alina Palichleb, ul. Miłkowskiego 6/42, 30-349 Kraków. Będę przetwarzała Twoje dane podane w formularzu w celu przesłania informacji organizacyjnych dotyczących Konferencji Jeździeckiej drogą elektroniczną bądź telefoniczną.


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